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A Series of Screenshots

Due to the pandemic it’s been almost three years since I’ve visited my family in the Philippines. During this time we have used FaceTime to communicate with each other. This series of screenshots documents the close bonds that are so important to me and my family members from the Philippines. 


Pakikisama, a Tagalog word that can simply be translated as getting along with others, is something that I have learned through my family but I had never heard of the word before. When I finally did learn of the word Pakikisama, I found out that it not only meant being friendly with others but has a deeper meaning of appreciating togetherness. This series addresses Pakikisama in the context of my own family and how we relate to each other. I want to highlight the chaos, the laughter, and the love of everyday life that me and my Filipino family share. 


Chrissy Brown, April 2022

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