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Covington Square


It’s around two o’clock in the afternoon and

my little grey dog has been begging me

to take him out for a walk

So I grab his leash and attach it to his little collar

while he jumps up and down with excitement

Once he’s ready, I put my headphones in

music blasting the cool beats of Massive Attack


Now I walk down the sidewalk, houses on my

left and right, with my little dog

as he leads the way with confidence

stopping at every single tree to do his business

I look across the street and give a friendly nod

to an old neighbor, I don’t remember his name

A car will pass every now and then

driving deeper into the subdivision

As I continue to walk with my little dog

I let the music take my focus

Cigarettes After Sex starts playing


in my ears, their song Heavenly filling

my mind, making me feel calm

I look up at the sky, the sun isn’t shining

that bright today, I notice the sky is filled

with clouds, it will probably rain later

I guess I should turn back

It Might Rain


Sitting on a roof on a cloudy day

I wonder if it’ll rain, I’m sure it’ll rain

I don’t watch the news so 

the weather man won’t tell me

the sky is getting greyer but

I still don’t move from my spot

I guess I’ll just sit here and wait

maybe I’ll feel the first drop

Mr.Kapre Smokes

Halfway through my hike,

the smell of tobacco fills the air.

I walk further and see 

Mr.Kapre sitting in his tall tree,

legs dangling 

almost touching the forest floor,

smoking his long cigar.

He looks down and nods

I smile brightly at him and he

motions for me 

to continue onwards

so that he can smoke in peace

I laugh and give him a small wave

moving on from his tall tree

leaving his earthy scent behind.



They hop        over          bamboo sticks    like 

the tikling        dodges     the farmers’        traps

Their legs        kick          like the                bird

as if                 jumping       through rice            fields

They flow


                                    the music


                                          the bamboo


begin sliding

But once            again        they tap                 against

the floor             as              the dancers            move

mimicking the    bird        running through      grass



Out my window

the giant turtles walk

down Lilley again

while colorful hot air balloons

float up in rainbow sky

then mom calls

dinner’s ready

back to reality

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